Eeek! A redesign!

Friends! Please bear with me as I reconfigure this page to be a bit more user friendly (for me AND for you). The old site was pretty, but very cumbersome to keep content fresh and up to date. 

What's coming: 

I will be changing the format to feature a few "front page" images but will be posting updates to this blog, which will help keep things thematic and timely (and hopefully more interesting for YOU, dear viewer) to look at. 

I am adding links to make it easier for you to buy affordable prints (and some other swag). I will still make signed, limited edition pieces available from time to time, but this will (a) make it easier for you to purchase a print if you're looking for something pretty to hang on your wall and (b) take me out of the equation in terms of production, quality assurance, and delivery. It will be better for all of us, I promise. 

I have been doing some portrait and other commissioned work, that I'm excited to tell you about. I will feature highlights right here on this very blog. If you are one of my clients you will continue be able to view, download, and purchase prints/memorabilia from your shoot over at ... if you are interested in BECOMING one of my clients, give me a holler. 

In the meantime, I apologize for all of the lorum ipsum stuff, and I promise it will all be back in order in the next few days. 

Thanks for looking, and stay warm out there.