About the Artist

I am a New England native, currently living on the coastal north shore of Massachusetts. Much of my work capitalizes on the glorious scenery and constantly shifting weather in my own backyard, although I am also a frequent traveler and dedicated wanderer; whether venturing into a nearby forest or an abandoned village halfway wound the world, I do it in the spirit of exploration and discovery.   

My approach to photography has not changed much since my parents first handed me a Kodak Disc camera when I was six: this miraculous device provided a way to look at the world that invited close examination of even the most mundane pieces of the landscape. Although the camera physically distances me from my surroundings, it is when I am making images that I am the most present, tuned-in, and aware of the world. 

When not taking pictures, I work professionally as a nurse practitioner, a career that is as exciting and emotionally fulfilling as it is occasionally exhausting. I am also an avid cook, reader, vegetable gardener, and slave to the whims of my two dogs. 


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